Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's See's Candy Time!

Calling all Scouts. Calling all Chocolate lovers!, Calling all people that have to get their Aunt Tilly a gift! It's...SEE'S CANDY TIME!

That's right everyone, it's that time of year again. The boys can sign up with Sister Thomas to help staff the See's Candy store in Indio. Each hour that the boys work will earn them $10 towards Scout Camp. The store fired up this last weekend and will be open until Christmas Eve. Boys can sign up for Saturday hours and hours after school. Talk with Dave Thomas, or better yet call Kelly Thomas. Now go out there and buy, buy, buy!

Sacrament Bread for December

Congratulations to Alex VB, who is going to be our newest Teacher. Alex you will be in charge of the bread for the month of December. Teachers, remember to get there early (preferably around 10:45) to help set up the sacrament.

December Calendar of Events

It's that time again people...fanfare please...da, da, da duh!

Here are the event's for December: Remember that Wednesday events begin at 6:45 and end at 8:15 unless noted

Wednesday, Dec 2 12-13 Scouts have a uniform inspection
All YM bring their Duty to God Books to pass off requirements
Saturday, Dec 5 Jacob Thomas Eagle Scout Project
Stake Center 8 am -4 pm. Boys can come and help Jacob as he
fixes and organizes many different projects at the church.
Boys do not have to stay the entire time.
Wednesday, Dec 9 12-13 Scouts
14 + Service project
Friday, Dec 11 Scouts campout and hike, Living Desert
Cost $5 per boy and $8 per adult
Wednesday, Dec 16 12-13 Scouts
14 + Service project
Monday, Dec 21 We need 4 Young men to help serve at a luncheon for the widows in the Ward. 11:50 am at the Bishops House
Wednesday, Dec 23 All YM Combined Activity Driving to Minerva Street to see the Christmas Lights (Hot Chocolate included)
Wednesday, Dec 30 12-13 Scouts
14 + No meeting

Building Clean-Up Successful

Thanks to the combined efforts of Alex VB, Nathan VB, Carson, Tanner and Hayden Miller (with some help from Sister VB, Bro Whitlock, Bro Bruner and Kevin Miller), the stake Center is once again shiny, and almost hermetically sealed. That smell of rich Corinthian leathers would even make Ricardo Montalban proud, and make Bob Barker say, "Come on down!"

Tanner and Nathan went about vacuuming the classrooms while Hayden commanded the huge vacuuming of the hallways. Carson and Brother B vacuumed and made sure that the Chapel was well taken care of. Al VB and guest star Blake Whitlock went about stacking chairs in each classroom and setting up each room after the vacuuming was completed. Kevin Miller graciously cleaned the men's bathroom, with Sister VB taking control of the women's side. I almost forgot that Polo "I'll make it shine" Doria came and grabbed a rag and started on window and metal duty.

So just as a fair warning, when you go to church today, you might want to wear your sunglasses, because the gleam is awesome. Thanks everyone for your great job!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jacob Thomas Eagle Project Excitement

The date is finally here! Jacob Thomas will be finishing his Eagle Project on Saturday, December 5, 2009 at the Stake Center. He will be working on projects around the church that have been in need of repair for a while. All boys 12 and up are invited to help at this event. Remember, one day you will be doing YOUR Eagle project, and you'll appreciate the help too!

The project starts at 9:00 am and goes until 4:00 pm. Contact the Jacob Thomas for more information.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Youth Conference Update!

Youth Conference will be held this Saturday, November 21st. The day kicks off with a service project at 8:45 am at the Indio building. After the project is completed, around noon, lunch will be served and then a speaker. The afternoon will conclude around 2:00pm.

Later in the evening there will be a dinner and a dance, again at the Indio building. That starts at 6:00pm and will go until 11:00pm. To help with the dinner, we have been asked to provide 16 loaves of warm garlic bread. Call Brother Whitlock to let him know how you can help.

The morning session is for those 12 and older, with the evening session for 14 and older.